Rain Garden

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To quote Ice Cube, ” Today was a good day.”

Today Was A Good Day

I don’t often put out a whole day of events, but was today a good day to be a Little V.  Kids began the morning blogging on the pros and cons of Solar Roadways, backing up their position on this topic, and making solid positive comments on each others posts (zero internet trolls).   Check out their KidBlog and parents, feel free to leave a positive comment on your child’s post.

After specials we grabbed the tape and marker flags to stake out the possible location of our school rain garden.  The kids polled where they thought it be best used after the past few weeks of observing the rain pools around campus.  We measured the perimeter, calculated the area, converted all measurements from feet to inches (just because we can), and then sketched layouts of where plants should go and the direction of water flow.

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Our last block of the day was dedicated to reading for 20 minutes, and then transitioned into inquiry based learning rotating through seven science stations that themed around energy, movement, and change.  Great observations, discovery, and conversation in this chapter of our day.  The little engineers that could ranked and debated which type of energy was most crucial: mechanical, light, wind, electromagnetic, solar, etc.

I wonder if the one percent-ers running the standardized testing cash cow gamut can place these experiences in a multiple choice format?


Check out the side for videos on today either on flickr or twitter or any other er that social media offers.


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