Before We Dominate The End of Grade Exam

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The followers of this blog and the world in general need to know of the pleasant people that I have been fortunate enough to share the past 170+ days with.  In this realm is a mix of tender hearts, bright hungry minds, talent, and humor.  We have created a family atmosphere, and yes like all families we have disagreements or disappointments, but only because we care for one another and want each other to be the best we each can possibly be.  Our group consists of those that encourage others to make their goals, and congratulate them when achieved or pep them up when falling short.  We fail in here, and we get back up and go again.  These people I work with do not quit.  They don’t quit because I won’t allow it, nor will they allow themselves to give less than what they are capable.  This group has bought in to our thinking that I will be better today than yesterday and because of this, I am a success.  We improve.  We are not perfect, but we do improve.  Each day I come to a place that will be filled with eye opening moments and hugs.  Roll your eyes, but a hug is a powerful thing.

Next week we will face the one time a year that many dread.  The parents of these little people should know that we have prepped for this moment since the beginning and gone into a heavy training camp the past three weeks.  They have taken on more and more each day, solving problems that can only be justified by a test creator or data manager.  Next week the moment will arrive, and these wonderful faces with futures as bright as they wish to make them will be judged and looked at as a number to the number crunchers, not ever knowing who these little ones truly are or what they are capable of becoming.  Perhaps not even knowing what it is or means to work with people, to learn with them as well as from them.  They will not see the art created or the hear the discussions about our environment and their plans to fix these problems.  They weren’t around during experiments to find out how and why things work, nor when the group formed a class government and elected a leader to develop class laws.  All so many to list, yet . .  no, they will only be rated as a number.  Subsequently, that is also how they will see me and countless others in this career.  It worries me that praise, money, and criticism is being thrown to students, faculty, and schools based on this.  The fear lies within putting a price tag on a child and their education.  The fear also lies in knowing that for every under performing student, a prison cell is being designed.  This is not a joke.  The state looks at the data to prepare for the future.  More so, I fear of the patience and ethics of what has seemed to already transpire in Georgia, where teachers are now facing twenty years in prison because of false test scores in order for the school system to receive funding.  Sorry I began to rant, yet there is much wrong with this.

The mindset in here has been to dominate.  That is our word most frequently used when faced with a task.  We’re going to dominate it.  These young minds will dominate the exam, in one area or both.  Regardless on the outcomes of next week, I am proud to have been part (small as it might be) of these little people’s lives.  When they become adults what will they remember most?  A test score?  I recall two kinds of people:  those that were helpful, and those that were hurtful.  This has been my family away from family.  I take their success and hardships with me when I leave the building.  There isn’t an on and off switch.  If there were, I would have slept like a baby all year.  This year has been productive, everyone has grown as a learner, but more importantly as a person.  I had a group that welcomed a challenge.  Fear of failing was put to the side and this allowed learning to come to the forefront.  Anyone that has had everything come to them easily will be the first to quit when faced with strive.  Thinking is not a multiple choice question.  Figuring things out is a challenge.  Once learning “how to” the individual is rewarded with self accomplishment.  The moment of, “I can” is established.  That, ladies and gentlemen, is what I have the privilege of witnessing daily, and the best part of it is that it isn’t the same face experiencing that moment.  Thank you to the parents and guardians raising these little people, and thank you for supporting me and putting trust in me with your most valuable possession.  I know it isn’t always easy, maybe never for some, but I thank you all the same.  The followers of this blog and the world alike should know that the future holds promise.  The people in here will grow to become people of purpose.

Stay tuned in for actual learning and thinking that will take place after we bypass the following week.


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