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Critters in Estuaries

Our crew of environmental scientists are exploring how humans effect ecosystems.  We’re currently reading an article from Discovery Education about the cause and effect relationship between humans and ecosystems.  With Ying comes Yang.


Although we, people, put natural resources to work in our favor, we also leave negative consequences in our wake.  So far our youngsters have learned that two major consequences are deforestation and pollution.  This leads us into our first activity of how estuaries are effected in similar ways.  Thanks to our friends at the NC Coastal Reserve we were able to feed our tummies while also learning of this cause and effect relationship.  In short students begin with a napkin which symbolizes the estuary, and with this are given ten goldfish crackers.  Play by taking an ecological card and reading it to your group.  Based on what happens on the card determines if fish (from a pile of crackers in the center of the team) join the estuary population or are eliminated (eaten).

  • A fish eats a piece of plastic floating in the sound. Lose one fish.
  • Area is closed to fishing, three fish hatch.  Add three fish.

When all cards have been drawn, the game ends and the estuary with the most fish is the cleanest.  This activity segued our crew into the Izaak Walton Estuary Poster Contest (info below).  Join us soon for more as we are still working on our bird/fish adaptation illustrations and will also be pulling from grand ole Dr. Seuss and the forethought he provided when creating the Lorax (the book, not that B budget flick that Danny DeVito butchered in 2012).  Off the soapbox and off to make more soap.  Enjoy the pics!



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