Dragonfly Pond

September 25, 2015 at 4:13 pm (Science) (, , , , , , )

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These entrepreneurs have the ground work laid out for business interest groups waiting to help American commerce, but what effects will humans play on the dragonfly pond?  We’ll learn later next week what impact man may play.  For now listen (some video was lost) to these two gentlemen describe their eco-incentive proposal.

Business Interest Groups


These farmers lay out the ground work for an arable design, but what effects will it have on a dragonfly pond?  Will these animal loving people effect an ecosystem?

R&C Farm

Undeveloped land: Should it be preserved or developed and why?  We’ll find out next week after all groups have a chance to present.



  1. Michelle Twining said,

    Keep up the great work. Glad to see Science so exciting and soooooo many great experiences and lessons. Know it takes time to create. Thanks for creating a new world for the students.

    GG Shell

  2. tnaznav said,

    It’s odd the enjoyment one receives in watching them create collaboratively, discuss, and conceptualize these issues. Maybe it’s a game changer? Perhaps they change a pattern of behavior for the better? It’s the payoff, and worth the time. They are worth the time. It’s somewhat selfish, they are my (our) future. They’re my Roth IRA/401k, and I’m planning out my retirement through their successes. Corny I get it, but zero b.s. I’m seeing more and more of them now becoming young adults and the pride that fills my chest when they visit to tell me about their life assures me the time was a safe investment. The ties that bind us. Some good, some great. Time, yes it is a commodity that no one has thought of how to bottle and make more of. Thank you for the appreciation. Please stay tuned.

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