Ecosystems, Erosion, & Estuaries

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These scientists are creating gusts of wind to erode sand.  They experimented with the effects of wind erosion with a barren field, then added sticks, rocks, and finally pine cones.  Our future leaders recorded and shared their observations on outcomes, and problem-solved how this issue could be addressed.

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After reading another spectacular KidBiz article on erosion, we created seawall replicas, modeled how they work, discussed why they’re built, and compared this to the planting of sea grass.  We examined the effects of how water can and will eventually find the path of least resistance, creeping it’s way to an ever changing landscape that is the coast (backyard).  We also performed the roles of wind and soil movements, pantomiming effects of erosion.

The NC Coastal Reserve visited us to discuss the effects our area suffers from erosion to estuaries and how these effect the ecosystem.  We have been selected to develop a plan to solve this issue.  Our crew will grow spartina grass from seed and keep track of the growth process throughout the winter.

CHS is allowing us to store the spartina in their green house until the spring, in which time we will then transfer it to a location in the sound near the school.  Real life problem solvers, not a multiple choice exercise.

Stay tuned for more action as we will create glaciers and observe how they also change Mother Earth’s landscape.


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