Hands-On Experiences

The rain may have kept us out of school, but it did help us segue into our next topic . . .  erosion.  We’ve found another smash hit article via KidBiz to explore this topic, and we’re building our vocabulary on this subject with the help of Discovery Education as well.  Next week tends to be messy as we will be eroding the classroom.  Before I get ahead of myself, as I often tend to do, let’s pump the brakes and give our faithful viewers insight on the latest our young minds have to offer.

It was a short week indeed, but still action packed.  The crew partnered once more to reflect on the cause and effect relationship between human kind and ecosystems.  Excellent discussion and I do hope you’ll follow our Aurasma channel (see earlier posts on how to follow or check the progress folder cover) to see and hear the reports these kids created.

What better way to bring the week to a close than to rip through another Fraction Friday with food.  Theses mathematicians grouped M&M’s by color, created number lines for each color given, labeled the position, and then came up with facts based on their data.  For instance, 8/12 of M&M’s are blue.  Looking at the number line I can tell that 8/12 is greater the 6/12 (1/2) by 2/12 or 1/6.  They also decomposed fractions: I can take my blue M&M’s of 8/12 and break them into groups to create equations, 8/12 = 2/12 +4/12 + 2/12.  I know that 8/12 is closer to one whole 12/12 because it is only 4 jumps from it on a number line.  Once they had a number line created with a matching fact, then it was time to put that color to real use, scarf it down.

Hover over the pics to see captions, click on them to get a closer look.  We will be back with more.  Stay tuned.


Thar She Blows

This week we researched the differences and similarities between ancient and modern day sperm whales (Thanks KidBiz), and we also revamped our comparing skills with the use of whole numbers and fractions for our place value unit.  So why not keep the ball rolling by comparing life size whales of different species?  The scientists spent the afternoon comparing and contrasting modern sperm whales vs narwhals, studying their traits and how they provide advantages for survival.  We are currently in the mix of creating our own bird and/or fish species and will share these in the weeks to come.